Kerala Malayali is a Malayalam Podcast started by Vinod Narayan the Founder of Penpositive.com, A Community of Active Learners. The aim of the Podcast is to bring to the Malayali Diaspora across the World conversations and Discussions in Malayalam that would add value to their personal and professional Life.

On Kerala Malayali we will speak to individuals both known and not that known, from whom we can all learn more. We grow and evolve through stories that we share amongst each other. We connect and collaborate and build through these stories.

We will have both Conversations and Discussions. Conversations will be more intimate conversations with people on their Life and Profession and learnings and struggles. The Stories that make them. Discussions will be theme based where we will try to approach a topic from various view points that our experiences have given us.

Join our Journey and you can subscribe and listen to the Kerala Malayali Podcast on all major podcasting platforms like Spotify, Google, Apple, Audible and more.

Kerala Malayali Podcast is a Penpositive Production.

-Vinod Narayan-

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